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After a long string of AWESOME gigs with fabulous artists like: Villanova Junction, Pedro Jarquin (Pedro Poeta),  Justin Layman, The Sexual Side Effects, Shut Up Lita and more-we’ve holed up  in the studio. Taking a brief hiatus from live shows to get some tracks down for the upcoming release!!! Currently working on a song called Walk on Water—or WOW as we call it. YAHOO!!!! (not to worry—we’ll be back on the live circuit in March)

It has been REALLY wonderful spending Saturday afternoons and evenings together—creating, laughing, enjoying each others’ company, producing, sharing meals and in the case of New Year’s eve, some dog poo. What?!?!?!

Delilah (pictured above) scares easily. REALLY easily. She’s a rescue dog and gets a “little” nervous around unfamiliars, sudden noises, sudden movements, looking at her (if you don’t live with her), falling napkins…you get the idea. Well, we were gathering on the couch for a quick photo before I (DeLaran) left for Fort Myers. Lilah wanted to be in my lap. In order to do that, she needed to be picked up and passed over to me. So, Kat picks her up gently—seemingly no harm done—until SUDDENLY, Lilah freaks out, turns, snaps at Kat and shits all in the same instant. She had the @%#$ scared out of her—LITERALLY!!!! We proceed with the photo (above)—Lilah and her poo in my lap and Kat’s. BUt hey, what’s a little poo among friends??? I hope you’re laughing as hard at this as I am typing it!!! You can’t make this @%#$ up!!! 

But, I digress…THE RECORDING is what I intended to discuss. The Saturday before last was dedicated to getting the guitar tracks in—mine and Lova’s. We thought easy peasy!!! BUt alas!!! Not so much!! What we typically do is initial tracking at our warehouse to get the drums—then overdub everything else to get clean, stereo tracks. We thought, oh overdubbing the guitar will be super easy, as musically, it is not at all complicated. Yeah, no.  Because this song is so organic and dynamic, it was very difficult to play along with previously recorded track and not have it sound jerky and mechanical. The solution…rerecord it altogether with NOTHING, no vocals, no nothing. THAT was really challenging because the vocals are what determine the “feel” and flow of the song. I had to sing it in my head, which is TOTALLY NOT the same as really singing it. BUT… we did it…we got it…and….

This past Saturday we laid in ALL the vocals, save for Evan’s. Kat and I recorded out vocal parts simultaneously to capture the ENERGY of the song. And, that’s EXACTLY what we did!!! The second time we sang it all the way through—the energy was soooo electric, palpable—I felt as though I was coming out  of my skin. Felt as though the house was going to lift of its foundations and shoot off into space, 0 to Mars in 60 seconds. It was AMAZING. We’re SOOOOO excited to share it with you—with the hope that you will hear it and feel it as we did!!!

More later…

Thanks for tuning in!!

Peace and blessings,

Waking Giants

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